Fri, Feb. 28

Got it!

Outta here x 2

Outta here x 2

Another quiet but busy day around here. Would have liked to make church today, but Corky was in need of some down time so I spent most of the day working on updating past ePhotos to make the appearance consistent with what I have been doing the past few years. Took a break to head into town and get a few groceries including a cannoli for desert. Seemed like a good day too, to make a quick trip down to the duck ponds (I know you call them fish ponds Dave, but I can't shoot them) to see if I could get some good shots. I did a get about twenty that I liked (56 shot) and here is one of them which shows a hen mallard completing her first wing stroke with water droplets flying above her from the upstroke after she slapped the water and went vertical into flight and the drake mallard (aka greenhead) just beginning his leap into flight and his wings have just started the powerful slap on the water's surface to initiate flight.

This is a shot that I have been trying to get for a long time and I think the reason I got it is because the hen jumped first and triggered my response with the shutter which actuated about a half second after she started the jump and the drake decided to depart after she started. I think I am going to have to try out some really long and bright glass so I can haul them in more. They are pretty skittish at present and I couldn't get within fifty yards before they jumped. Sure is fun being down there on a good duck hunting type day. Dave (one of the AZ Game and Fish employees that manage the place) told me about some Wood Ducks in the area so I hope to get some of them soon too.

We had a quiet evening and it looks like another busy week coming up. Need to get a Christmas letter done in the next couple of days too. Monday is well under way, and my wakeup call will be going off in five hours as the coffee machine grinds an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee and then when I detect that the brewing is complete, the first cup is poured, Q gets brushed and the day continues.

Have a terrific day and know that we will be doing the same



I'll not bother to reform myself today.

Perhaps tomorrow --- if it is raining,

and I must stay indoors, and meditate

on the shortcomings of life.

Max Ehrmann

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