Wed, June 26


On Monday

On Monday

A couple of photos to savor the beauty that is all around us. The first photo was taken this afternoon on a flight up to the San Francisco Peaks and it was beautiful up there; clouds topped at about 10,000' MSL and the caldera was filled with clouds. The near peak is Humphreys and the snow bowl ski area is at the end of the ridge and there were a lot of skiers on the slopes today. It was magical with all the clouds and light and shadow ... no climbers on the peak though.

The second shot was taken Christmas day on the deck; Q made a great catch and brought a feathered friend in the house for playtime and lunch. The sparrow got away from him (J) but hit a window trying to escape and was stunned. I scooped him up and brought him out and placed him on top of the barbeque to recover and took a series of shots before he flew off to rejoin his mates. As is often the case I didn't appreciate the beauty and delicate features I had captured until I uploaded the images to my workstation; absolutely stunning to see the delicate features in the feathers of this little creature.

So it was a very good day albeit a little chilly at 13,500', but fun ... the smiles are still lingering ... a new day is underway.

...with blessings


The growing grain and the placid sky have a kind of voice; and though you are

alone, the boundlessness of the universe is with you.

Max Ehrmann