Fri, Feb. 21

Free Cat Spay Month sponsored by WTPC Rescue

WTPC Rescue is sponsoring the first Free Cat Spay Month in the Sedona and the Verde Valley. This unprecedented project will run from Feb. 23 through March 21. All female cats, as young as eight weeks old as long as they weigh in at one pound, qualify for the program.

Because cats can reproduce several times a year, and kittens mature quickly, just two cats can quickly become 2,000. Two uncontrolled breeding cats produce: 2 litters a year, at a survival rate of 2.8 kittens per litter. Continued breeding will produce 12 cats the first year, and by the sixth year the number jumps to a staggering 66,000. There is an estimated 30 million to 100 million stray and feral cats in the United States.

Every spring is “kitten season” and shelters quickly become overloaded with kittens and their mothers. Each year hundreds of thousands of cats and kittens are euthanized across the United States because the influx of kittens is overwhelming.

Spearheaded by Welles, the WTPC projects rescues kittens and adult feral cats by implementing T N R (Trap Neuter Release) programs. She has been an animal advocate since childhood and is one of the founders of the first low-cost spay and neuter clinic in the United States. This Las Vegas clinic was a model for other programs around the country. When she sponsored a similar program in Nevada the amount of kittens being dropped off at local shelters was reduced by a staggering 40% according to Welles.

“There are no qualifications and we are not limiting it to one female cat per household,” states Welles “All that we ask is that those who can afford to get their cat spayed please do so with their own vet and let those who cannot take advantage of this free opportunity.”

Two local veterinarians have come aboard with the WTPC Rescue Free Cat Spay Program: Dr. Chris Bertch of the Bell Rock Veterinary Clinic in the Village of Oak Creek and Dr. Adrienne Mulligan of Camp Verde Veterinary Clinic in Camp Verde. Pregnant cats can be neutered as well as those with litters. Both Vets are also offering discounted vaccines to those participating in the free cat spay program.

There are no walk ins. People must call first for an appointment and submit a filled out authorization for feline spay. It is suggested that if one vet is already booked to please call the other clinic to see if there is availability there. Dr. Bertch will be handling the Sedona, Cottonwood, Clarkdale and Cornville areas. Dr. Mulligan Camp Verde and Lake Montezuma. However, people can make an appointment with the Veterinarian of their choice subject to availability.

Authorizations can be picked up at the following locations: Basha’s Sedona, Sedona Pet Supply in the Basha’s Shopping Center, Sedona Public Library, Sedona Pet Supply in the Outlet Mall in the Village of Oak Creek, Weber’s Market Village of Oak Creek, Bell Rock Veterinary Village of Oak Creek, KC’s Corner, Cornville, Food City in Cottonwood, Mt Hope Foods Cottonwood, Olsen Grain and Feed Clarkdale, Camp Verde Veterinary Clinic Camp Verde.

To make an appointment with Dr. Bertch Office, the Bell Rock Veterinary Clinic please call 928-284-2840. The clinic is located at 45 Bell Rock Plaza in the Village of Oak Creek.

To make an appointment with Dr. Adrienne Mulligan please call 928-567-9400 The clinic is located at 100 S Montezuma Castle Hwy Camp Verde.

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