Sun, Jan. 26

Yavapai Silent Witness program increases rewards to $1,000 for gun crimes

Yavapai Silent Witness Board of Directors decided Tuesday to increase the reward for callers with information on suspects who use guns while committing a crime.

"Yavapai Silent Witness is serious about getting violent offenders off of the streets," said Steve Skurja, program coordinator for Yavapai Silent Witness. "From now on, whenever a caller gives Yavapai Silent Witness information that leads to the arrest of an offender who used a gun during the commission of a crime, the caller will be awarded a $1,000 cash reward."

When officers arrest a suspect who committed a crime using a gun, they not only get a serious criminal off the streets, they take the often stolen or illegal weapon off the streets as well, Skurja said.

"We're not seeing an increase in the number of crimes being committed by people with firearms," Skurja said. "We want to focus on catching serious criminals."

Yavapai Silent Witness also awarded $2,150 in cash rewards to seven callers who supplied information that led to the arrest of 24 felons on 42 felony charges.

The callers' information led officers from PANT, the Prescott Police Department and the Yavapai County Sheriff's Office to seize $1,925 in cash, an automobile and $20,630 in illegal drugs.

Citizens with information about a crime in Yavapai County can call Silent Witness at (800) 932-3232 or text to Busted 411247.

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