Sun, July 21

Probation, restitution ordered for Wolfe brothers

CAMP VERDE -- Two Camp Verde brothers have been sentenced to probation in the wake of a serious bowling alley fight with the family of a Cottonwood City official last July. They must also pay restitution.

Cottonwood Community Service Manager Richard Faust's son, Steven, was knocked unconscious by Jared Wolfe and then repeatedly punched while lying on the floor. Richard Faust was bodily thrown over a table by the older brother, Joseph Wolfe.

The incident was all caught by security surveillance cameras and replayed in a

Camp Verde municipal court trial for the Wolfe brothers in mid-January.

The Faust family had been at the Cliff Castle bowling alley as part of a birthday party for a daughter, when the Wolfe brothers began bowling two lanes down. The Wolfe brothers had argued in an earlier confrontation with the Faust brothers several weeks earlier at the bowling alley.

After a stare-off and heated words between the families, Richard Faust attempted to cool the situation, but Jared pushed Steven over a table and fists began to fly.

Judge Rodger Overholser, in sentencing the brothers, said that "the injuries were substantially and brutally inflicted" against Steven, 20. Despite the fact that Faust was unconscious on the floor and posed no further danger, Jared continued to punch him up to 11 times.

Steven suffered up to nine fractures to both cheeks he orbital socket of one eye and his nose. He was taken to the hospital emergency room and reconstructive surgery.

Richard suffered injuries to his elbow and knee.

Jared was found guilty of misdemeanor assault and disorderly conduct.

Thursday, Judge Overholser sentenced Jared Wolfe, 18, to two years unsupervised probation.

A $1,500 fine would be waived if he successfully completes probation. He must have no contact with the victim and complete non-violence education.

Joseph was found guilty of disorderly conduct. Joseph was sentenced to one year unsupervised probation with a fine of $508 for disorderly conduct. He must complete 66 hours of community service with the parks and recreation department in lieu of the fine.

Still unknown is the restitution. The judge may assess the damages for things like hospital bills, which in Steven's case may be substantial.

A Feb. 18 hearing has been set to consider restitution.

Misdemeanor assault charges were dismissed against Steven Faust, but he pled guilty to disorderly conduct.

Disorderly charges against Richard Faust were also dismissed.