Tue, Jan. 21

Visions of Earth Beyond 2012 at World Fellowship
Author, international speaker, psychic to visit Cottonwood

What other predictions are occurring beyond the catastrophic visions of 2012 being promoted by Hollywood?  Many spiritual teachers and leaders are talking about a whole different Earth; a dimensional shift in which the Earth and many of us will evolve with over the next several years. One of the leading spiritual teachers on the topic of  “ Visions of Earth Beyond 2012” will be speaking in the Verde Valley Jan. 24.

Dawon Washington, co-author with Ruth Magan, of the book, “Visions of Earth Beyond 2012”, has been speaking throughout the United States and Australia, presenting a very different view of our immediate future and beyond the year 2012. This is a time of great transformation for all life on earth. Dawon shares this vision and he provides methods for people to magnetize what they want to create in life through prayers and communication with angels. In this time of great upheaval, conscious manifestation is an extremely important aspect of easing through these tumultuous times.

According to Dawon, “All that is within the universe that is good and positive is available to you now, if you choose it.”

Dawon will be presenting a free lecture at the World Fellowship in Cottonwood on Sunday, Jan. 24, at 10 a.m. (World Fellowship meets in the Verde Valley Guidance Center located on South Willard Road in Cottonwood. Follow the signs.) He will be offering a workshop the same day 1-4 p.m. Cost is $75 per person or $100 per couple. To register, call Dr. Sue Sammarco at (928) 499-8426.

During the workshop Dawon will be channeling angelic, interdimensional and galactic beings with whom he regularly works to bring specific messages to the audience members. This is intended to help those in attendance learn more about their specific purpose and work that is to be accomplished here at this time of the Earth’s shift and to help people heal their karma in preparation for the shift. Dawon rarely channels publicly. Those present in the audience will receive spiritual gifts few have the opportunity to experience.

The following week, Dawon will be offering readings and healings to those interested in discovering their true self and hidden talents. “Awaken to the memories of your limitless soul to increase your intuition, create healing for yourself and assist others in the healing process.” To arrange a reading with Dawon, please call him directly at (323) 203-655.

For more information please call Dr. Sue Sammarco, (928) 499-8426.

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