Fri, Jan. 24

Letter: A proposal for new constitutional amendment


Here is a proposal for consideration by all of those frustrated with the ideological extremes that seem so prevalent in America and in control of both predominant political parties: Democrats and Republicans.

I propose a constitutional amendment to the US Constitution that:

1) Puts term limits on Congress identical to that current imposed upon the President.

2) Changes U.S. Senate and House of Representatives to two four-year terms just like the President.

3) Requires all members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives to stand for national office. To be elected by all of the voters in a national election just like the President.

4) Provides for the election of all Federal Office holders to be held concurrently in one National election every four years when the President runs for office.

5) Provides for public funding of all federal elections thus eliminating the stranglehold that money has upon our electoral process.

All of these changes would enable the electorate, “we, the people,” to regain control of the electoral process and make sure that those people elected to office represent the interests of a majority of American voters and not just those in any particular State with their parochial and regional interests that all too often conflict with the interests of the Nation. State legislators are fully capable of representing the interests of their citizens regarding State issues.

Any one U.S. Senator is now empowered to bring the legislative process to a complete halt by putting a “hold” on Presidential nominations and other legislation for political reasons that conflict with the best interest of the nation.

I truly believe that when those seeking national office do not have to cater to big money which can be translated to Corporate America; have their terms limited and must appeal to the entire national electorate it will create a circumstance where moderation becomes the rule rather than the exception and real progress can be made to end this ideological conflict that prevents effective action by congress. In twenty-first century America those holding national office must be answerable to the entire US electorate to ensure they are acting in our best interest regardless of which state from which they originate.

John A. Bond


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