Tue, July 23

SVBA general membership meeting July 7

Kathy Nelms

Kathy Nelms

Due to a scheduling problem we had to move our Annual General Membership Meeting to July 7 at The Sedona Hilton Resort and Spa, 4:30 pm. We will be voting our new board in and up dating our members about the organization.

The Planning for "TGIF" Thank Goodness it's Finished" celebration for State Rout 179 has started.

The dates are Aug. 20-21, activities all long the route.

SVBA will have a Full Moon Walk; there will be an evening movie at Tequa, speakers Saturday morning, a bike ride and a hike being planed.

There will be music, food and activities at Tlaquepaque and Hillside plazas. There will be Red, White and Blue balloons along the State Route 179 with a possible motor cede. We have plenty of opportunities to participated or donate please contact me or Jennifer Wesselhoff at the Sedona Chamber of Commerce.

Our Community Survey is still in process, it is available on line at Big Park Regional Coordinating Council web site at Your input is valued please make time to participate. There will be public input opportunities with the do-nut and dialog so watch for those.

Please make time to attend Our General Membership Meeting July 7th, 4:30 at Sedona Hilton Resort and Spa.