Mon, March 30

Letter: GOP objects to anything that benefits ordinary working-class Americans


During the recent healthcare “summit” several things were manifestly obvious to me.

The GOP is still determined to be the party of “just say no!” to everything that benefit’s ordinary working class Americans; the GOP believes rightfully that “they” have the best healthcare in the world and they do not care that their constituencies do not have access to that same healthcare they so richly enjoy from the taxpayers.

GOP opposition to everything offered by President Obama goes much deeper than principled opposition to democratic healthcare plans and is based primarily on the need for the GOP to accommodate their racist voting base and the elitist corporate interests they truly represent.

Forty-one US Senators want, as the minority party, to dominate and control the entire legislative process in congress even though the American people resoundingly rejected their failed leadership in 2006 and 2008. Only in America can 41 Senators control the legislative prerogatives of the majority.

Obviously, the GOP came to the summit with their homilies, portraying themselves as “down-to-earth” good ole boys prepared to object to every aspect of the healthcare bill.

It was the republicans who said that Social Security was “too comprehensive and expensive” to be implemented in 1936; it was the GOP who said Medicare was “too comprehensive and expensive” to be implemented in 1964; it was the GOP who opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1965 and the Voting Rights Act of 1964 because it was “too comprehensive and expensive” to be addressed at the national level by the US Congress.

The GOP has objected to every program that benefits ordinary working-class Americans.

In other word, the GOP has demonstrated over and over again that it stands for Greed Over Principle.

It is willing to allow 47,000 Americans to die each and every year from lack of access to healthcare. It is willing to put profit before people and deny healthcare to 46 million Americans who either cannot afford or qualify for healthcare.

This is the party that put us into this economic crisis that still has not reached its zenith and the party that wants back in power to put the final nail in the coffin of American democracy.

In 2010, the GOP will embrace the Tea Party Movement and we will be in real trouble in America if we put these incompetent, avaricious corporatists back in power.

John A. Bond


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