Mon, Feb. 24

Clarkdale, Jerome council election results
Last minute drop-box votes force Jerome runoff

VERDE VALLEY -- The results are in, and open council seats in Clarkdale and Jerome have been decided. Some votes were cast late on Tuesday in drop-boxes in both towns.

Jerome had all five of its council seats up for election. Preliminary results as of 8 p.m. Tuesday showed a total of 158 ballots cast. Jerome Deputy Clerk Rosemarie Shemaitis said about 40 drop-box ballots were yet to be counted.

The unofficial results for Jerome were: Jay Kinsella, 107; Christine Barag, 91; Lisa Rappaport, 84; Lewis Currier, 83; Anne Bassett, 81; Jacob Marx, 80; and Mike Parry 55.

If it weren't for the outstanding 40 drop-box ballots, Kinsella, Barag, Rappaport, Currier and Bassett would be declared winners in the primary election and would not have to face a runoff in the May 18 general election. To win outright in the primary election a candidate must receive 50 percent plus one vote of the total ballots (not votes) cast.

By Thursday, the outstanding ballots were counted and changed the results.

Four candidates won election outright: Kinsella, 120; Barag, 104, Rappaport, 99; and Bassett, 94. The number of total ballots reached 185, requiring 94 or more votes to win outright.

Not all three remaining candidates will be included in a runoff in the May 18 general election. State law allows no more than twice the number of candidates for the number of open seats remaining. Only one council seat remains, consequently only two of the remaining candidates will be placed on the May 18 ballot.

Since Currier received 92 votes and Marx received 89 votes, those two candidates will be included on the runoff ballot. Parry, who received the least number of votes at 64, is eliminated.

Kinsella will probably be the next mayor of Jerome because Mayor Al Palmieri chose not to run for re-election. It is traditional in Jerome for the council candidate receiving the most votes to be appointed as mayor of the new council.

Kinsella, Currier and Bassett are all incumbents.

Jerome had no other questions on the ballot.

Clarkdale had two of its five-member council seats up for election. Vice Mayor Jerry Wiley decided not to run again, leaving Curt Bohall as the only incumbent running for re-election.

Unofficial results for Clarkdale are: Bill Regner, 656; Curt Bohall, 515; and Ellie Bauer, 429.

With only 16 outstanding drop-box ballots left to be counted, Regner and Bohall have won their seats without facing a runoff in the general election. Candidates must receive 50 percent plus one vote of the total number of ballots cast to win outright in the primary election.

Town Clerk Kathy Bainbridge said Clarkdale had a total of 954 ballots cast, representing 41 percent of the town's registered voters.

Clarkdale Proposition 401, known as Home Rule, passed with 626 yes votes for 71.1 percent over 254 no votes for 28.8 percent. Proposition 401 allows the town council to set its own revenue and expenditure budgets instead of using a more constraining formula provided by the state.

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