Tue, July 23

Council seat open to write-in candidates

JEROME - One seat remains up for grabs on the Town Council following the March 9 primary. That seat will be filled during the general election May 18. The election is still open to write-in candidates.

Four of the five open council seats were won outright during the primary. A total of 185 ballots were cast, requiring each candidate to receive 94 votes to meet the minimum of 50 percent plus one vote.

Of the seven candidates on the primary ballot, four won their seats outright: Jay Kinsella with 120; Christine Barag with 104; Lisa Rappaport with 99; and Anne Bassett with 94.

Three other candidates did not receive enough votes to win outright. Lewis Currier received 92 votes; Jacob Marx, 89; and Mike Parry, 64.

Deputy Clerk Rosemarie Shemaitis said state law allows only twice the number of candidates for each open seat remaining after the primary. That applies to candidates on the primary ballot. Consequently Currier and Marx will automatically be on the general election ballot. Parry did not qualify to be in the runoff election.

Shemaitis said that write-in candidates are eligible to be on the May 18 ballot. Those candidates must file the same election packet with petition as those candidates appearing on the primary ballot.

Write-in votes will not be counted for any candidate who does not have the proper election paperwork filed.

Election packets must be returned by 5 p.m. April 8.

Anyone interested in running for the remaining council seat should contact Rosemarie Shemaitis at (928) 634-7943.