Sat, Jan. 18

Letter: Discover this ‘Gem’ of the Verde Valley


I’d like to take this opportunity to encourage seniors in our area to participate in the classes and workshops offered through the Osher Life-long Learning Institute (OLLI) at Yavapai College.

This spring was my first experience with OLLI and what a thrilling experience it was! I registered for five different classes and each class met once a week for an hour and a half over a period of six weeks. I registered as a Full Member for $65, which enabled me to take up to six classes and/or workshops at either the Verde Campus and/or the Sedona Campus. Other membership levels are also available.

The classes I enrolled in were “Glimpses Into Yavapai Culture,” “Writing for Fun,” “Native American Art History,” “America Today and Yesterday: Discovering Our National Character Through Literature,” and “Music to Tickle the Bottom of Your Feet.” This is just a sampling of the variety of offerings available. There is something of interest for anyone.

Not only did I learn a lot from the wonderful facilitators leading the classes, I made many new friends. With the number of seniors in the Verde Valley, it is difficult for me to believe that only 115 people are taking advantage of this experience. For a little over $2 per class, my spring was filled with a broadening of my understanding in a variety of subjects and the development of new friendship with people who also find joy in learning. I hope that my letter encourages more people to discover this “Gem” of the Verde Valley.

Sy Brandon


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