Wed, June 26

New Cottonwood mobile homes must be plumbed with fire sprinklers

COTTONWOOD - When new manufactured homes are placed in Cottonwood in the future, they must be equipped with fire sprinklers, according to a new building code.

The 2009-version of the code is likely to become effective July 15, if the legal process continues as planned.

Cottonwood Fire Department officials and the Community Development Department addressed the city council during a work session in which the update was discussed.

Fire Marshal Rick Contreras said he held off on the requirement until he met with manufactures to make certain that the fire sprinkler water lines would be adequately insulated in manufactured homes in Northern Arizona so there would be no risk of lines freezing and internal breakage.

Contreras and Chief Mike Casson met with a manufacturer in Buckeye who assured them that pipe breakage would not be a concern.

The provision to require mobile homes to have fire sprinklers is the most significant addition to building requirements with the proposed adoption of the 2009 version of the International Building and Fire Codes. The city now uses the 2003 version.

All structures greater than 1,000 square feet in Cottonwood already require fire sprinklers.

The Development Services Department also advised that the difference in the city's Development Impact Fee would be waived if the single issue that required an increase from a 5/8-inch water connection and a 1-inch water connection is the requirement for fire sprinklers. Sprinklers must have a 1-inch capacity line.

The ordinance to change the building and fire code versions comes before the council for its first reading June 1.

The change would be effective 30 days after the second reading July 15.