Wed, Oct. 16

Final Jerome council seat filled in run-off
Residents also approve Prop 400

Lew Currier

Lew Currier

JEROME - Resident voters elected Lew Currier Tuesday to the final open seat on the town council. Unofficial Yavapai County election results show Currier with 45 votes to Jacob Marx's 31 votes. Proposition 400, the one time budget override, also passed with 65 yes votes to 11 no votes.

Neither Currier nor Marx gained enough votes during the March primary election to win a council seat outright. Currier is an incumbent, and Marx was a challenger.

Four of five open seats were won outright during the primary. A total of 185 ballots were cast in March, requiring each candidate to receive 94 votes to meet the 50 percent plus one vote rule.

Of the seven candidates on the primary ballot, four won their seats outright: Jay Kinsella with 120; Christine Barag with 104; Lisa Rappaport with 99; and Anne Bassett with 94.

Three other candidates did not receive enough votes to win in the primary. Currier received 94 votes; Marx received 89 votes; and Mike Parry received 64 votes. Only the top two non-winning vote getters qualified for the May 18 general election runoff because only one council seat remained unfilled.

Kinsella and Bassett also were incumbents.

Jerome voters also approved Proposition 400, which is commonly referred to as Home Rule and allows the town to budget and spend more than the strict state budget formula would allow. The proposition passed with 85.5 percent of the votes cast.

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