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A family affair this week at JCSVV

Rabbi Alicia Magal

Rabbi Alicia Magal

Shalom! Come welcome Shabbat on Friday, May 28 at 7:30 p.m. led by Rabbi Alicia Magal, whose extended family will participate in the service.

The Rabbi’s mother, Nika Fleissig, will be honored on reaching her 90th birthday. Rabbi Magal and her husband Itzhak will joyfully offer a blessing for their daughter Tali in honor of her upcoming wedding to Craig Fleishman this summer. The rabbi’s family is sponsoring the refreshments after the service with the generous assistance of Elsa Gassner, Margie Gershtenson, and synagogue president Diane Schoen.

Torah study on Saturday morning, May 29, begins at 11 a.m. on the portion of the week, Beha’alotecha, Numbers 8-12. This portion contains descriptions of the sanctification of the Levites, the lighting of the seven-branched Menorah by Aaron as High Priest, the making of two silver shofarot - trumpets - to summon the entire people for assembly, and several stories about dissent within Moses’ family, especially involving his sister Miriam. In this portion are also some rumblings of discontent by the people against Moses. He must remain strong and focused on the mission of the entire people with faith and courage even in the face of criticisms that arose during the years of wandering in the desert. We will discuss the hurtful effects of gossip and talking behind people’s back, and the importance of seeking and offering forgiveness. Torah study will be followed by a dairy/vegetarian potluck luncheon.

Wednesday, June 2, 8:30 am, egalitarian morning minyan for a mid-week spiritual uplift amidst the gorgeous red-rock views from our sanctuary. At 7 p.m. Rabbi Levertov’s ongoing Educational series focusing on the Ethics of the Sages and the portion of the week, illustrated by intriguing and engaging stories.

The JCSVV is a welcoming congregation, unaffiliated with a particular stream of Judaism. The synagogue is located off State Route 179 just south of the Chapel Road roundabout. For more information call (928) 204-1286 or visit

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