Fri, April 03

Letter: What a sad state of affairs


A State built upon tourism, retired people and little industry is what we have. How do you budget for services that can easily out-strip revenue? As things get bigger and more services are needed, where does the money come from? When growth out-strips our soft revenue we have what we have now.

The have-nots will have not and the haves will have more. Federal, State, County and City cuts are in and nothing much changes. Heard about Flagstaff water company? The people were ask to conserve water and they did. Guess what? Water rates are going up to the sky and guess why. Because the water system is losing revenue. Good work people of Flagstaff you lose, were next. State got there one-cent sales tax. Want to bet who will want an over ride next year or a tax increase. President sends troops to the border who can’t arrest anyone, makes sense?

How on earth can you have Federal, State, City government or service that lives beyond its budget? Living beyond one’s budget means that a down fall is around the bend. Some people and organizations have grasped this idea others have not. Apathy winds because the will to change things is too hard and as everybody knows things will go on any way, right.

Frank Craig


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