Sun, Jan. 26

Cottonwood prepares for another election

COTTONWOOD - Pundits are still talking about impacts from the Republican sweep of the General Election Tuesday, but planning is already under way for the next vote that will decide more local races in the Spring.

The City of Cottonwood and Camp Verde will hold elections in March and possibly in May to decide city council seats.

Council terms in Cottonwood, currently held by Duane Kirby, Terrence Pratt and the Mayoral term of Diane Joens, are to be elected in Cottonwood.

All are four-year terms of office and all three told the Verde Independent Tuesday they will be candidates for re-election in the vote March 8.

Packets for those who want to become part of the election and possibly challenge the incumbents, are now available through the Cottonwood City Clerk Marianne Jiménez' office. She says the material tells potential candidates how to run for office and about the signatures they need for a nomination petition. Jiménez says a candidate needs to submit no fewer than 48 and no more than 95 valid signatures to be placed on the ballot. She would like people to make an appointment with her in advance.

The election materials may be returned to the Clerk between Monday Nov. 8 and Dec. 8.

The actual election will be vote by mail and held March 8. Early voting begins Feb. 10.

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