Sun, Aug. 18

The Confluence

The confluence

The confluence

I woke fairly early today with a long list of work I needed to do, After I brushed Q we went out on the deck and the bright blue morning sky and mild temperatures changed my day. Bob and I had planned to probably fly in the afternoon, but this was a sky that had to be enjoyed to the fullest. We confirmed that we would fly and moved the time up and by 12N we were lifting off and heading north to the confluence of the Little Colorado and the Colorado rivers.

The river flow at Cameron was low to none so we knew that the Little Colorado would likely be a turquoise color from Blue Springs downstream to the confluence. We also hoped to beat the clock and get there before the river went into shade and we nearly made it. At the confluence the canyon walls of the Little Colorado Canyon are about 4,000' high and the canyon in most places is less than a quarter mile across, so the time window of opportunity is pretty small to have sun on the Little Colorado, We missed peak beauty by about thirty minutes, but still it was a treat.

At this location the rivers are about 2,000' above sea level, and we are required to be at or above 10,000' so be aware that these shots of the rivers were shot from more than a mile and a half above them. The quality of the shot titled The Confluence is a testament to the superior optics that Olympus produces; I appear to have taken the shot from a few hundred feet above it while in reality I was at the time 8,500' above it. In the first shot the beautiful water of the Little Colorado flows into a very muddy Colorado river; the flow is from bottom to top, In the second shot the Colorado river (muddy) is flowing from the bottom left to the top right of the photograph and the Little Colorado enters from top left.

Got caught up on projects when I got home and we had a very relaxing evening,

Have a terrific day and enjoy the beauty of your home planet.