Thu, April 09

Letter: I’m a voter with a long memory


Although this letter is not about the backflow issue, it is because of that. I wrote one letter on the backflow code problem and after reading the 11-1-10 revision, I’m satisfied. However, there were people addressing the council at the last meeting who were not so satisfied.

I watched the council meeting on cable channel 2. Apparently it would have been beneficial to have had a split screen when citizens were speaking about the backflow issue. One camera on the person speaking and one camera panning the council. Two people told me at least some of the council were doing anything and everything except paying attention to the speaker.

And now I am quoting from Jon Hutchinson’s article in the November 7th Verde Independent: “Veteran council member Karen Pfeifer characterized the debate as ‘stupidity. I am tired of the misquotes in the paper of the people that don’t come to meetings. We are continually harassed. I have had enough.’ “ Did Mr. Hutchinson misquote you Ms. Pfeifer? I’m sure not.

A quotation by John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton. The historian and moralist, expressed this opinion in a letter to Bishop Mandell Creighton in 1887: “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely...” Ms. Pfiefer, when you call the legitimate concerns of any of the citizens of Cottonwood, the people who elected you, as stupidity you are corrupt. Not corrupt in any legal sense, but morally corrupt because you have an obligation to listen to each and every citizen’s complaint, major or petty, or in between, with an open mind.

And harassment? The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines harass as:

“1) a : exhaust, fatigue, 2) : to worry and impede...” If citizens (voters) write letters to the editor, emails to the council, appear at council meetings to express their concerns because they feel the council or part of the city government are acting contrary to their best interests constitutes harassment, then so be it. It comes with the territory of being an elected official.

You said in Mr. Hutchinson’s article” “I have had enough.” Since your term doesn’t expire until May, 2013 maybe you should step down and let someone new and fresh take your seat on the council.

You’ve been on and off the city council since 1991 so maybe being just one of the citizens will give you a fresh outlook. No debate by the citizens on any issue should be classed as “stupidity.”

Personally, I wish you only the best. However, I’m a voter with a long memory, and should you choose to run for reelection to the council or any other public office, my memory of your comments and your views will be there in the forefront.

Dave Woehning


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