Tue, Feb. 25


continues to be the topic or at least the subject matter of the photos. After Corky and I left a gathering at a friend's home in Cottonwood today we opted to stop at Bubbling Ponds Hatchery on the way home to see if more ducks had arrived in the last couple of weeks. There were more mallards and a few Widgeons have arrived. I think they have been hunted too as they are pretty skittish and jumped fast and without much warning. I did get a few shots I like and this one of a hen mallard is one of my favorites. She is about half a second into her flight and beginning the second strong beat of her wings; water droplets from her initial jump and slap of her wings on the water to go airborne (straight up) are everywhere and she'll trail water droplets for about ten more feet as she goes vertical.

It was a fun day and a fun weekend; Q enjoyed a couple of outings today and is contemplating his next adventure. Having taken over Old Main and a beautiful crypt this past week, he seems to be deep in thought about his next move.

Had planned on getting an early morning flight in on Monday to get sun on the Little Colorado River near the confluence, but on an upper level wind check, the winds will be in the 50 kt range at 12,000 feet. I knew those beautiful Lenticular clouds today came from somewhere. The jet stream is pretty much directly overhead for a day or two so, unless it looks like wave conditions I'll be on the ground.

Have a wonderful week and hope this jump starts it for you.



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