Sun, May 26


From Long Canyon

From Long Canyon

Tuesday was one of those great days when everything seems to go well; finished work on my friends book and got everything uploaded today, met with new clients, and spent a lot of time selecting and working on images for poster size prints including one that will be hung in the Sedona Terminal in the very near future.

While sifting through images I came on one that for some reason I never did anything with and it is one of my favorites. It displays not only the beauty of the Sedona area but embraces the feel of the wide open spaces of the southwest. I took the shot in August of 2009 and it is from a location near the end of Long Canyon and altitude of about 7,000'. When I land on runway 3 it is the point where I normally enter a 45 to enter the pattern and descend so that I fly through the gap in the right side of the photo. The airport is visible center right and above it working right to left you have Cathedral Rock, Castle Rock, Bell Rock and Courthouse Rock. Many of the other named rocks in the Sedona area are also visible. Brins Mesa is center left and is recovering from the fire a number of years ago.

Hope you enjoy the photo and spend some time dreaming of the day and view. Soon a 20 x 30 of this photo will be on my office wall, along with four others I finished today - ten total on the one wall.

Wednesday is underway and a wonderful day it shall be. I find the day to be more likely so when I decide that in advance. Need to get back in the air soon too.