Sun, Dec. 15

Letter: Many unanswered questions on International Baccalaureate program


The news story about the International Baccalaureate program being considered by Cottonwood-Oak Creek Schools presented just enough information that set off alarm bells. Answers to cost questions were “vague” - maybe there will be grant money. Three years to start because of teacher training implies high start-up costs. For what?

Focus on values created by a foreign corporation with offices in Switzerland? Why? I asked myself. So I did some Internet sluething. I found the home page for the International Baccalauarte Organization. It contained very little hard information regarding important stuff like costs and benefits. However I did find a website that contains much more information, including many school district implementation experience stories,

That site also published a 21-page research paper, written by Debra K. Niwa of Tucson in March of this year, titled “International Baccalaurate Unraveled.” It is thoroughly researched with multiple references from around the world. It is available in pdf format at: It is free and downloadable.

Particularly relevant is her description of Tucson Unified School District experience, now in its fourth year. Last year, the first year of operation, 42 juniors were enrolled. This year only 32 seniors are enrolled. To date, costs to TUSD are almost $1 million or $31,250 each for the 32 enrolled. For what?

Well, here’s what Truth About IB summarizes what you get with IB: “...values that conflict with traditional Judeo-Christian values, as well as Marxist ideology, high costs to schools (leading to higher taxes in many cases) and the forfeiture of local (school board) control of school curriculum.”

It becomes individual teacher controlled. Outcomes are framed in process language. For instance, students are taught to challenge and reject parental, cultural and religious values by inquiring: Where do my values come from? How do they color my learning? How can I challenge them? What action can I take? What are my responsibilities? There is much, much, much more.

I encourage all citizens, especially school board members and teachers, to review the documentation, get answers and reject this plan to surrender our control over our children’s education and moral upbringing. By the way, the IB (formerly IBO) claims to be a Non-Govermental Organization (NGO) of the United Nations UNESCO. Imagine, the UN controlling our kids’ education and indoctrination as “world citizens” of the one world government. That’s what IB is all about.

Frank Ogden


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