Sun, Dec. 15


Outta here

Outta here

It was a nice day; after the service this morning we walked (OK, Corky rolled) out to the van and it was much cooler than when we went in and it was also snowing lightly. Then we headed over to Fran's for a visit and whilst there I got this shot of Piccolo and Grizzly going at it ... in a playful manner of course. I thought it would be fun to send this out because this little gal and guy were two of the three puppies in the shot I sent out a few nights ago. Piccolo will be the next one to have a litter and late spring 2011 she will be a mom and I begin the cycle of shooting another litter of those beautiful goldens. Fun characters and then it was up to the airport to visit with more friends before finally making it home late afternoon. Time for me to make a batch of peanut butter before heading out for a walk and a portrait photo shoot for some friends. Quiet evening before a busy week.

The second shot was taken a couple of days ago and it is a hen Widgeon, jumping and entering flight. The ducks were really skittish and it was tough to get close to them before they jumped. I usually walk towards them with the camera at my eye and focusing and refocusing on ducks that I think are going to jump. Someday I may fall into the ponds, but so far it works for me and I get some decent shots. You can tell the tremendous force with which they slap the water with their wings on takeoff with water droplets rising well above the widgeon. I got this shot about a half second after it began the launch sequence. I'm getting better at predicting the exact moment they will initiate flight and am hoping to get a good one with the wings still on the water..

It's Monday! Have a terrific week and hope that the long weekend past was wonderful.



The dream is gone,

be still my heart and

listen to the night wind's song.

Jade Geneve Kepner

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