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Q&A on use of Oakcreek Country Club golf course

Steve Nelson

Steve Nelson

Many VOCA residents and owners take advantage of the Oakcreek Country Club golf course property for recreational purposes during non-play hours.

However, at times it appears that there is confusion as to the policy for its use. The Board of Directors recently revised the overall policy to make it easier to understand. The following is a set of Q&A's that detail the policy:

Q. What is the Oakcreek Country Club?

A. The Oakcreek Country Club is private property owned by the Village of Oakcreek Association. It is intended primarily for the use of golfers with limited use by non-golfers who are VOCA owners and/or residents in accordance with the rules and restrictions.

Q. Who is allowed to use the golf property during non-play hours?

A. Usage is restricted to VOCA owners and/or residents. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Q. When are non-golfers allowed on the golf property?

A. Non-golfers are permitted on the golf property only during the non-play hours between dawn and start of play for the day, and between the end of play hours and sunset. Remember to give yourselves enough time to depart from the golf property before play starts. As a general rule, when golfers are playing, pedestrians MUST leave the golf course immediately.

Q. If unsure as to when the non-play hours are, how do I find out?

A. Permitted hours will be posted in the Pro Shop and it is the responsibility of the user to verify the permitted hours. In addition, the automated Pro Shop phone system at 284-1660 will have a recorded message with the non-play hours.

Q. What activities may occur on the golf property?

A. Recreational walking or jogging on the golf course cart paths is permitted. Walking or jogging on the golf course turf and greens is strictly prohibited. Skateboards, in-line skates, bicycles, scooters or other mechanized equipment not intended for golf course use or maintenance are prohibited. All other recreational activities on the golf property, i.e. Frisbee, croquet, baseball, picnicking, etc. are prohibited. While the golf property is park-like, it is not a park. The Kiwanis's Park is available for these other recreational activities that are typical for a park.

Q. Why does the course have restrictions on use by non-golfers and who pays for the maintenance and operations of the golf property?

A. As is required by the VOCA By-laws, the golf property must be self sufficient. All the expenses of maintaining the course are paid from the collection of green fees and golf dues from golf members. The financial expense for damage to the turf and greens such as individuals walking on frozen turf, inappropriate activity on the greens, etc. is borne by the course. Lot assessments from VOCA property owners do not pay for the maintenance of the golf property.

Q. Are animals allowed on the golf property?

A. Pets, limited to dogs, will be permitted on the golf property with the following restrictions: Pedestrians with dogs are permitted only during non-play hours, dogs must be on a leash at all times per Yavapai County leash law, walking of dogs will be limited to only the cart paths and owners must pick up after their dogs.

Q. What are the consequences if the policies are not followed?

A. The general manager and/or the head golf professional reserve the right to ban any violators of this policy from of all VOCA common areas and facilities. Parties that have been banned and continue to violate the policy may be cited for trespassing.

Q. Who do I contact with questions or to report violations of the policy?

A. Please contact the VOCA Pro Shop at 284-1660 or the VOCA Office at 284-1820. The vast majority of users follow the rules. We need your help to identify those few individuals who do not and who could spoil it for all of us.

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