Wed, June 26

Letter: Beware of the political priesthood of corporatism


Beginning after the establishment of communism in the former USSR, [which in reality turned out not to be communism but a totalitarian dictatorship with the bulk of the wealth retain for the sixteen million “members” of the communist party, America referred to the USSR as our “mortal” enemy.

We characterized the “communists” as “REDS”. Our leadership referred to the USSR as the “Great RED menace”, we came to associate the color RED with everything negative, threatening, and anti-American that was associated with the USSR.

In modern America, since the demise of the former USSR, we have been exposed to a new RED menace. Our political leaders refer to themselves as belonging to BLUE or RED states depending upon their political affiliation.

The Democrats refer to themselves to as belonging to BLUE states where a majority of the electorate is registered as Democrats, and the Republicans refer to themselves as belonging to RED states where a majority of the electorate is registered as Republicans.

It may not be that each BLUE or RED state has a majority of registered voters in these states but clearly, these states have historically and repeatedly voted with the political party designated as BLUE [democrat] or RED [republican].

Therefore, the new “RED menace” that threatens to destroy America and represents the anti-American party in America is clearly the Republican Party. Its interests align with the multi-national corporations and the wealthy elite and its primary purpose seems to be to promote the interests of the corporations and MIM over the well-being and interests of the vast majority of common, ordinary working-class Americans [the working poor] etc..

To say that the RED states support and promote totalitarianism is not hyperbole or an exaggeration. Clearly, corporatism is a religion that has been established to serve the wealthy elite who created it and politicians who belong to the GOP [Greed Over Principle] who have prostituted themselves to and are the political priesthood of corporatism.

Continued support for and acceptance of this RED menace in our midst should be unacceptable to Americans of classes with the notable exception of the wealthy class because clearly their agenda is the usurpation of our constitutional republic. The goal is its replacement with corporate [fascist] governance [a theocratic one] that eliminates any and all obstructions [such as the Bill of Rights] to the complete eradication of democracy in favor of the profit motive.

John A. Bond