Sat, July 20

Thanks to Liz

After breakfast

After breakfast

Thanks to Liz ...

for directing traffic this morning with Lo II and her kittens who spent a large part of the morning in and around her yard; talking on cell phones can be very handy and help to avoid spooking the cats as she updated their positions for me. The little ones are now around 12 to 14 lbs and just slightly larger than Q and about the same size as Harley whose photo went out yesterday morning. I also got photos of the mother and watched her engage in about a five second pursuit of a squirrel before she got it. It was too fast and too heavy a brush patch for me to get a shot. Actually the hunt was over by the time I was trying to lock a focus on her.

The kittens are now learning to hunt and I got a number of excellent shots of one of the kittens eating a squirrel that it had nailed. In viewing photos like this you have to understand that this is the way of nature and the relatively advanced and "civilized" world that we experience daily does not comport with the realities of nature. Mankind has simply delegated the capture, killing, butchering and delivery of meat and other food products to others among us. The photo of the young bobcat eating its prey is no different than what we do every day except we get our meat products presented to us in neat and tidy packages in neat and tidy supermarkets where those we delegate to provide us with food deliver the goods and then we bring them home. After cooking them we consume them in the dining room whilst we visit with family and friends. The rest of the predators on the planet do not enjoy the same delegation of duties as we.

Charlie, Melber, Corky and I had a wonderful day and hopefully later in the morning we will have a window to fly. We topped the evening off with a great Shrimp Creole (excellent) that Leo made for us and a cream cheese brownie. I do prefer to have my nutrition this way and not have to resort to the hunt and consume my own dinner like the Bobcat kittens ... and all other predators on the planet.

have a wonderful day, we are blessed.