Tue, Oct. 22

Letter: Democracy is a form a government, not an economic system


No one enjoys a lively political discussion more than I. If it is with someone who has opposing views it is even more interesting and informative. But, when the other person goes into a hysterical rant, I generally dismiss him or her as an ideologue so steeped in their own propaganda and imagined victim-hood that it is a waste of time to bother with them. The recent letter “Beware of the political priesthood of corporatism” falls into that category. I cannot, however, in good conscience leave such a public diatribe unchallenged.

The statement that Soviet communism “turned out not to be communism but a totalitarian dictatorship” left me amused. Pure communism, it was realized, is against human nature and has to be approached incrementally in three steps. First, the violent overthrow of the existing government. Second, a “temporary” ruling class which would then guide the masses into, third, a Utopian life of sharing among all nature’s (I would say God but communism pushed atheism) children.

Consequently, comparing the Republican Party to communists, fascists and totalitarians is delusional at best or the dishonest ravings of a liberal who is beside himself at the prospect of a wholesale rejection of socialist philosophy at worst. The statement “the ignorance and violent rhetoric of the ... Tea Party Movement (which implies a coherent organization instead of an attitude of fed-up voters)” is entirely a figment of imagination. Gatherings across the country have been models of peaceful assembly - quite the opposite of such gatherings by the left at such places as G-8 meetings. To imply otherwise is simply disingenuous.

“Continued support for and acceptance of this RED (read Republican) menace in our midst should be unacceptable (dangerously close to unlawful, I think) to Americans...”!!!! And, “the complete eradication of democracy in favor of the profit motive”! Does he understand that democracy is a form a government, not an economic system? In fact, it is our form of government. One in which the people, “common, ordinary working-class Americans [the working poor]” have chosen the free-market system, run by “the profit motive” as the single best way to improve their lot in life, a system that is anathema to socialism or communism.

It would be nice, in the future, to see letters that present thoughtful reasoning that one can compare and contrast to personally held opinions. Otherwise, the dialog just becomes so much blathering.

Jim Barber

Camp Verde

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