Tue, June 25

Letter: Thank you K-9 Dakota for your years of service


Please, people of the Verde Valley look at this accident with one of our favorite K-9’s as an accident.

For those of you that see a K-9 vehicle parked and the temperature outside is either very hot or very cold, please keep in mind that these dogs inside are comfortable and highly protected. Canine Officers are highly trained and these dogs are their partners, protectors, and best friends. They love and respect these dogs as they would a fellow officer. The Officers would not apply for these positions if they didn’t’ realize the liabilities involved and love these animals as much as each and everyone of love our pets, but keep in mind that these dogs are not our pets, they belong to each individual Police Department and they are considered an Officer whom like every other Police Officer is put in harms way and can be harmed or even killed in the line of duty or sometimes accidents can happen.

The vehicles these animals occupy are made special for these dogs. They have alarms when temperatures reach and unsafe level. The air-conditioning is never turned off, and there is a very large fan on the side of the door, which comes on when unsafe levels are detected. Yes, these vehicles can malfunction just like anything mechanical. Please understand that these highly trained and very expensive animals are the first priority of these officers.

So I hope I have explained some of the details of these vehicles and the job involved. Whether these dogs are drug dogs or bite dogs or whatever their purpose, they are wonderful animals, but so are the Police Officers that handle them, great Officers. Please find forgiveness in your hearts for the Police Officer involved. He is I am sure devastated by the loss of his partner and best friend.

Some of you may wonder how I know things like this and things about police, it is because I have worked with and around many for many years and am proud of what they do to serve and protect each and everyone of us when needed.

Thank you K-9 Dakota for your years of service and many thanks to his officer (handler) for his years of service, I pray he will have many more.

I hope our local Cottonwood Police Department is able to reach a fair and just conclusion to this unfortunate accident.

Cecil Bradley