Wed, June 26

Letter: This is the same water we've been drinking for decades


I want to thank Doug Bartosh for clearing up the details on the water clean-up, of which I could not remember clearly.

As a member of the City Council during the purchase of the water companies, I recall all the work that was being done to re-mediate the arsenic in the well water. I also recall how the EPA, when faced with the reality of the situation, was lenient on ALL water providers in requiring compliance.

As you mentioned, this is the same water we've been drinking for decades at the 50 ppb threshold.

Had I not known the history of the water situation in our valley, reading Mr. Oliphant's letter would have led me to believe our water was contaminated by some spill or industrial leak. Nothing could be further from the facts.\ In the western states, much of our groundwater is infiltrated with arsenic due to historic volcanic activity and the aquifer running through that volcanic rock.

If this were truly an alarming health concern, wouldn't we see people dropping like flies from drinking the water in our wells? Wouldn't the EPA be banning the use of private wells due to the extreme danger posed by 11 ppb of arsenic?

It is a disservice to the community, particularly to newcomers, to write a letter containing alarmist, "so-called" facts, designed to denigrate the city government and strike fear in the citizens.

Again, thank you Mr. Bartosh for clearing up the misinformation.

Randy Lowe