Fri, Feb. 28

Letter: This certainly does not give seniors a warm feeling


Concerning Proposition 106, Social Security and Medicare; states cannot opt out of Social Security or Medicare because they are not in it. Funding and administration is entirely by the federal government. That is the problem with the new healthcare bill for most states. It mandates that states will pick up millions or perhaps billions in its cost. This is an expansion of Medicaid in which states share the cost with the federal government.

For states facing bankruptcy, this puts them in an intolerable financial situation. Not only that, but as has been reported, not all people will be covered by the new healthcare bill. Its impossible to tell the full impact on cost and healthcare until 2014 when the entire bill goes into effect. As house speaker Nancy Pelosi stated, “the bill must be passed to see what is in it”.

It does not appear this bill does much of anything to reduce costs or improve efficiency. How does reducing Medicare funding by 50 billion dollars a year improve anything? Certainly does not give seniors a warm feeling!

It would be great if healthcare were a right, but it takes money and there is a limit to what taxpayers can produce. Government can only give to you what it takes from someone else. Until the guesswork can be taken out of this bill, there will be objections. It is difficult to appreciate a bill in which too many members of Congress did not read or understand before passing it.

Bob Small


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