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Suzanne 1st mini sock

Suzanne 1st mini sock

Well, it seems we did a bit of a blog vacation. Sorry folks, crazy summer.

September 4th the Fiberholics Anonymous group met at Crema's Café in Old Town Cottonwood. First of all we would like to thank everyone at Crema's for the wonderful food, and for putting up with our crazy group. Even my husband and our German Shepherd, Hector stopped by to say hi. (OK, I did bribe them both with Gelato, but still it was a nice visit.) Some of the gals were impressed that Hubby could actually speak Knit. After the boys left I explained that the poor man was so desperate for conversations with me that he finally learned to speak the Knit Language. I think that is a testimony of his love for me. After all I do know Gun Speak for the same reason. Anyhow, enough about that.

This was the second half of a Sock Class that was started in August. I am so proud of the new sock knitters and their perseverance. Socks can be a daunting thing to contemplate, let alone learn. I know the gals don't believe it when we tell them that after 2 or 3 pairs this will become their simple knitting. You know... the kind you can take with you and do in public while actually carrying on conversations and everything! It seems impossible as you are trying to learn how to knit with double pointed needles in a circle. Yes, you can knit a tube with 4 straight needles, cool huh?! Then they tackled doing a heel flap and turning the heel! Now this is knitting magic at it actually change direction of your knitting by doing some short rows and picking up new stitches at the gusset (edge of the heel flap)!!! How cool is that??! Now some plain knitting....this seemed so hard when doing the leg, but now after the heel it is a piece of cake, see how perception can change even in the middle of your first sock? Finally they are coming to the decreases for the toe and the final lesson will be the Kitchener stitch. This is done with a darning needle and some of the yarn; one actually weaves the sock toe together duplicating what a knit stitch does so there is no seam ANYWHERE. Do you have any idea how happy feet are with socks that have no seams? None, Zip, Nada!!! And they actually fit the feet they are made for. I have very tiny feet that are wide, rather like walking on little square blocks. Until I started to knit my own socks I never knew what a good fitting sock felt like. It is no wonder I have hated socks most of my life. But that has all changed now. Both Nancy and I are available to the sock students if they have questions, just shoot us an email and we will get back to you.

During the class a couple of students asked if we would teach spinning with a drop spindle at the next class. Well of course, would be happy to. Just remember to bring a drop spindle, prepared fiber and a throw rug...they don't call them drop spindles for nothing, and you don't want them to break when they hit the cement. For those not interested in that, no worries, we will continue to help with the socks and of course Open Knitting is always the agenda for this group! Our next meeting will be the First Saturday of Oct. Location to be announced.

History Corner:

When wool sales fell in 1667, England passed the famous Flannel Act. This required that every corpse be buried completely dress in wool. The law also compelled all living persons to be fully clothed in wool from All Saints Day to April. Purpose of the law was to help keep the spinners and weavers employed.

From: Spin Span Spun by Bette Hochberg

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