Tue, July 16

Looking forward ...

Shore bird

Shore bird

to my respite break this November and spending time walking the beaches in Huntington Beach and elsewhere along the coast again. Seeing longtime friends and family and a brief escape from the daily duties of life/caregiving. The current plan is much the same as last years trip and that is a driving trip in "My Van" up the coast starting in Carlsbad and up to the bay area with many stops along the way. Corky and I spent 25 years in Huntington Beach and although we were anxious to leave the crush of humanity behind us, it is always good to revisit "home" and friends and family still there. I love the red rocks of Sedona, but the sea will always call me and I will always return to her, even if just for awhile. "My Van" is our '95 Ford van conversion that I took over as my own when we bought the new van last year and moved the handicap gear from old to new. It has 328,000 miles on the original engine and transmission; it's longevity can be attributed to the wonderful care it has received from the Anderson family at Anderson Automotive in West Sedona - thank you Warren, Michael and Ann.

I took this shot on my respite break last November as I walked about ten miles along the beach one morning. I like the way they scurry along in front of you and occasionally take flight before resuming their relentless search for food. Gentle sea breezes and the sound of the surf as it rolls up on the beach. Then the drive home and the search for beauty continues in our new home, Sedona; perhaps latest is appropriate since we have been here for more than eighteen years now.

Have a wonderful day and weekend. A work day, then Corky at Chic Salon and friends over for dinner tonight, flying on Saturday and of course some work, photos and law.

back on Monday ... take care, be well and sign a petition to get In N Out Burgers to set up a location in Sedona - my daily dilemma over what to serve for dinner would be solved!