Sun, Feb. 23




and the ducks are beginning to be more in evidence at Bubbling Ponds hatchery. On the way back to Sedona from Cottonwood yesterday (Wed), I stopped at the hatchery and since it was late afternoon I hoped to score some good shots. I got a few that I liked and one is this shot of a mallard stretching her wings and she appears to be standing on the water. Given the way everything turned out on this shot I wish she would have taken off as they give a tremendous down stroke on the water as they launch directly into flight; they are jumpers and it is really a neat sight as the water is slapped hard creating a big splash and they trail water as though they had a rocket launch. Still I am pleased to have gotten this shot. Fall is underway and soon duck season will be here. I think that the hunters will drive a lot of ducks into protected wetlands; then I get my hunts in with the camera. I began duck hunting when I was twelve out in western Minnesota on my uncles farm and friends of his. The early morning hunts with my dad and brothers was a great way to grow up and learn about life; we were also taught to clean and eat what we shot. It was fun. I do prefer the camera now as it is good all the time in the preserves, no loud noises, no dressing the birds and I get to shoot the same one over and over.

A busy day with law and graphics on Thursday, more of the same tomorrow. In the afternoon it is Corks day with visits to the good Dr. Bill and then to Chic for her hair. Think she needs to dine out too and show off the results of the afternoon.

Missed getting one out last night as there were connectivity issues, but the people of got me up and running again today and all is well. Thanks Jeff, Brandon and Pauli.

I'll get one more out tonight and then it will be into the weekend.

Have a terrific day!


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