Sat, Dec. 07

Wildlife of the natural kind

Morning rest

Morning rest

Wildlife of the natural kind filled the weekend. Saturday morning I got a second wakeup call after I had the first cup of coffee and Haskell let me know that a male and female bobcat were in his backyard. Out of bed in seconds, street clothes on, grab a camera and out the door. The male had wandered off by the time I got there, but the female was resting on a block wall and I got several nice shots of her. Average gestation period for a bobcat is around 60 days, so perhaps we will have more kittens in the neighborhood before Christmas.

After I got back home, it was more coffee (a Mexican Organic) and completing the work on the images that Liz is using in her book; whilst running the last few images over to her house, I looked up and a vulture was circling overhead and I got this shot with his feathers backlit and feet tucked. Then Corky and I spent the afternoon relaxing on the deck listening to our audio books and Q kept us company on his perch on the back of the bench alongside me.

Sunday was a bit of a rush getting us going and to church; made it in time for the offering so all is well. After church Corky and I headed up to the airport and we got a very nice soaring flight in. Lift as strong as 7 kts and although the thermals were tight down low, they were relatively easy to core and ride up. Corky is over her "fly straight" days and is enjoying the sensations of thermalling now. What fun! Time on the deck with Q when we got home and some great pea soup a friend brought over for dinner ... thanks Deb!

The Sedona Pathways 2011 calendar will be done tomorrow and with any kind of luck I'll finish the flower calendar too.

Busy and fun week ahead and next week my long time friend from USAF days will be here for a visit. Charlie and I went through nuke school together at Lowry AFB in Denver (both of us ended up 33150 career field) and with a little conniving we got the only two overseas slots in our graduating class and spent a tour on Okinawa together. We were in the electronics end of things in the 7th TDS on Kadena AFB and worked at the "Site". Tom Sandman has a neat website put together for the 7th TDS days at: along with some photos of the units we worked on. Also a website he runs at: which has a lot of photos of the 7th during the time I was there including some of Charlie and I. We got there in November of 1956 and I left May of 1958. After my tour, I came back to the states and while on leave before reporting back to Lowry I met Corky; I spent the rest of my enlistment teaching classes in my career field, racking up huge telephone bills calling Corky (she was still in Nurses training in Minneapolis) and learning to sell ad specialties on commission in my off duty hours so I could pay my telephone bills which averaged about fifty percent more than the USAF paid me. Fun times ... where was Skype? J

The new week is off to a very good start and looking forward to a cup of Maui Mokka coffee later this morning. looks like I might get five hours rest tonight ... life is good!!!



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