Sun, Dec. 08

Pine Shadows Waterline

COTTONWOOD -- Pine Shadows, Cottonwood's westernmost subdivision, soon will be drinking Cottonwood water. The Cottonwood City Council Tuesday agreed to award a contract to the lowest of nine bidders to install a drinking water supply to the Pine Shadows subdivision. Though within the Cottonwood City limits, the modular home community is still served by water from the Clarkdale water supply.

Dan Lueder, the city's Development Services Manager, told the council that the area is the largest of two remaining Cottonwood communities that remain un-served by the city.

Asphalt Paving and Supply bid $508,957.50 to provide the service line to the area.

Eight other contractors submitted bids reaching $1.2 million.

It was also necessary to receive approvals from both ADEQ and ADOT.

Lueder says his staff has spent a significant time determining the best route to connect Pine Shadows and developing plans and specifications for installation of this waterline.

This project involves construction of a new 12-inch waterline along SR 89A from Verde Heights Drive to Pine Shadows Blvd. and also includes construction of a new twelve-inch waterline along SR 89A from Verde Heights Drive to Mingus Avenue which will provide a much-needed loop and additional feed to the former Clemenceau water system.

This project was a component of the FY 11 water capital budget.

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