Thu, July 18

Survival and play

Holding on

Holding on

Can't even begin to describe what a fabulous weekend we had and beauty of every description found its way into our lives.

Friday was blustery and not the best of lighting for shots, but I got a few nice ones on my walk whilst Sheila did her magic on Corky's hair. I saw Fred a member of our little ISO 100 group while I was walking and showed him a few of the shots and he agreed that they were nice; someday I will send them out, but not tonight as I looked at a potted flower in the mall area between buildings where Chic Salon is located and saw a Western Tiger Swallow Tail butterfly hanging on to a flower for life itself as the wind was blowing hard. This is one of the neatest shots of a butterfly I have taken and hope you like it. He is hanging onto two stamen of the flower and it looks like his legs have a barb that sinks into the petals. Hope he made it.

I got a lot of snow photos Saturday and Sunday morning and will send them out another night. Corky and I headed down to Cottonwood for a Wal-Mart run this afternoon via the office and airport and visiting with friends. A stop was planned for some shooting at the Ponds and while most of the ducks seem to have migrated north again there were a few Blue Herons fishing in the no fishing area. The second image is of one of the herons just beginning to make his thrust into the water to get a fish ... he did get it (sorry Dave)... but it is part of his survival too.

Coming home from Wal-Mart we took Beaver Head Flat Road back to SR179 and while on the road I spotted a guy with his parasail a few miles ahead of us. I pulled over when we got near and began getting some shots of him at play; we waved to each other and he then performed some dazzlingly beautiful maneuvers for me. The only problem I head is that he was so low and so close I had trouble getting all of him in the shots. So with all that out of the way we continued home and the company of friends this evening.

Monday is well underway and a busy day it is; time for a few hours of rest before I continue it. Have a terrific day and week ... enjoy each moment and try to find a little beauty today and share it with others.