Sun, Dec. 15

Letter: Mingus offers proof positive on flaws of IB program


The picture and story in re Mingus AP program honored nationally plus the earlier story about two Senior girls happily anticipating their senior year in Germany is proof positive Cottonwood has no need for the International Baccalaureate program! As if that isn’t enough the schools in Redondo Beach, Calif., rejected the program because of the expense involved and the condition of the state’s budget! Early February, in Beaufort, S.C., the program was rejected when cost consultants concluded it was “too costly.”

Mid-February public schools in Georgia began considering the programs elimination also because of state budget cuts. In Montreal, Canada, the head of the Teachers Association, Ruth Rosenfield, said the teachers “feel more than duped. They are very, very upset.” The reason? “a bid to establish an international baccalaureate program forging ahead even though the teachers oppose the idea.” They have voted twice not to have the program. Mrs. Rosenfield likened the situation with teachers “as a war is going on at the school. The battleground is littered with teachers and with students as casualties. This cannot be healthy for anyone.” Still the School Board is pursuing this Network” to develop students as global citizens”. Can anyone doubt the meaning of this identity? Transfer the children’s loyalty from their native land to a world government?

Closer to home, the Grand Canyon System under the guidance of Sylvia Allen, late of this area, where the teachers last month were saying the workload of IB is crushing. The GC News reported most teachers are “showing signs of strain.” (2/15/11)

One, a fourth-grade teacher said she had never seen such a workload. Laura Kelso said, “I’ve been here at 5 a.m., and I’m not the first one here. I’m here at 10 at night, and I’m not the last one here. Something’s wrong.”

This is the program Cottonwood-OC school board just voted in, probably at Tavasci, by taking $75,000 from maintenance and expecting $4,000 per student (for which they are running ads in the paper) from the already impoverished State budget! The G.C. News reported that AIMS testing scores have not improved since the institution of IB, but “the universal dislike of IB has brought the teachers closer together.”

Well, that’s a gain, I suppose.

Gene Birkeland


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