Thu, May 23

Verde Village Property Owners Assn. looks to new year

VERDE VILLAGE -- The Verde Village Property Owners Association has re-organized and is looking forward to an active year throughout the community and at the clubhouse.

Margaret Paddock, a former secretary and unit director, has taken over the association reigns from Mal Otterson, who has shouldered it for a couple of years.

June Hayes steps into the vice-president slot.

Paddock says this will be a year of community outreach and of organizing volunteers. It's something of a 'trickle-up' effect, she explained. Volunteers are needed to help put on events such as the community spaghetti dinners and to help pay for such activities as the opening the pool. Volunteers are also needed for some of the regular chores around the clubhouse, at the pond and elsewhere.

In order for those community dinners to be successful, there have to be enough volunteers with food handling certificates. Contact the association for more information about that.

The pool has not been able to open this year, so far, because all those pieces have not come together in time.

The Association has great facility and kitchen that is already used by groups and for private parties. Even businesses use the meeting room for presentations. The facility is available for rentals. Members receive a discount. Check the web site.

Historically, the Verde Valley Property Owners has been active and interested in their community. "We want to restore that sense of camaraderie and fun, said Paddock.

The VVPOA Board of Directors meets the first Monday of every month at 7 p.m. and the Association meets the second Monday of the month at the same time. Yavapai County officials will visit the association to invite neighbors to be part of planning and decisions throughout the county.

The new president notes that the VVPOA volunteer webmaster has been working to keep the organization's website updated. It is easy to remember at The web page has all the information about the association, plus a newsletter and an interactive page to contact the association and offer suggestions or ask for help.

The office is always open every Wednesday from 1 to 3 p.m. to issue building permits.

Visit the Clubhouse at 4855 Broken Saddle Drive or leave a message at 646-6505. Remember there are recycling bins at the Clubhouse too.