Tue, Oct. 22


The inexplicable

The inexplicable

Our friends Jim & Cary Todd recently moved back to Sedona and it is good to have them back. Jim, is once again pursuing his dream of art (noncommercial). I found a disk of his surreal art relating to chess and again have it on my computer. If you would like to see more of Jim's work, go to his website at . Soon more of his work will grace our home, but instead of on the wall this will be on the floor in front of a door and offer a portal to other worlds; similar to the street art that is so frequently sent around on the internet. We think that will be very cool even if we need to take precaution before crossing the space.

I took this shot on an afternoon last year when I was in Jerome with a friend. We had climbed up one of the roads overlooking some old mining activity and a parking lot for visitors. I thought it was a nice shot, and then came home and discovered there was more to the photo than I had thought. So, I hope you enjoy the visage too. According to super string theory there are 12 dimensions, could Jerome be hosting one of them? It is said that there are many ghosts there ... check out the Grand Hotel and the Asylum restaurant at the hotel next time you visit Jerome and who knows what you will find playing chess whilst there.

Have a good day today and be aware ... or perhaps beware



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