Sat, Aug. 17

JCSVV events during week of Passover

Erev Shabbat services at the Jewish Community of Sedona and the Verde Valley begin on Friday, April 22, led by Rabbi Magal. The Oneg is sponsored by Janett Schor, Cyrus Elliot, Coleman Gentry, and Teresa Goldberg.

Saturday, April 23, 11 a.m., Torah study on the special Passover readings in the Torah about the Exodus from Egypt when the Children of Israel came out of slavery into freedom. The study session is followed by a pot luck luncheon. Please bring foods appropriate for Passover.

Sunday, April 24, no Religious School or beginning Hebrew for adults.

Monday, April 25, 6 p.m., Women’s Seder, with traditional symbolic foods of the Seder, and featuring special music and discussion of the vital role Biblical women (such as Yocheved and Miriam - the mother and sister of Moses, Pharaoh’s daughter, and the midwives) played in the Exodus story. To register call Hershelle at 928 639-2736.

Wednesday, April 27, at 8:30 am, egalitarian morning minyan for a mid-week spiritual uplift! Modern Jewish Ideas class at 10:00 a.m. to explore the ideas of Abraham Heschel. Lecture and discussion facilitated by Paul Friedman.

The JCSVV is a welcoming congregation, unaffiliated with a particular stream of Judaism. The synagogue is located off Hwy 179 just south of the Chapel Road roundabout. Judaica Gift Shop open 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. Monday - Friday. For information call (928) 204-1286 or visit