Sun, Dec. 15

Letter: Beg the questions … American education or IB program?


The “International” Baccalaureate program was created in 1947-48 by Marie-Therese Maurette. Its corporate headquarters are centered in Geneva, Switzerland. It is affiliated with UNESCO for whom Ms. Maurette wrote her handbook on education. Its goal is to create “global citizens” under a “united-world government,” for the purpose of “peace and harmony” among all. Sounds pretty.

This imported European curriculum touts advanced classes, higher, superior education, with more focus and structure than our current programs. Hmmm.

The assumption that this program is good, or better, should be a slap in the face to teachers and citizens of the Verde Valley. It is an insult to the school board, and illustrates a faulty lack of direction from its hired administrator. The assumption that C-OC, local leaders, and teachers cannot produce a quality, “this kind,” of deduction, and therefore must import it from another country. A more professional program…? Like the man with a briefcase from out-of-town? This program will be selective and segregate students. The beauty of American education, in contrast to European and Asian, is that it is for ALL students, not jut a select few.

It beg’s The Questions: Why can’t, why shouldn’t, why won’t, the C.O.C. school board and its administrator make a superior education happen now, with American Curriculum? Europe has it and we don’t? Is that why the US documents more patents than the world combined? Why is the local Board going to send many thousands of local tax-payer dollars to Europe, require teachers to be trained in the “Global Citizen” way, and produce Socialistic educated students? Danger signs should be flashing everywhere! It was attempted in Camp Verde and failed a couple of years ago.

Open your eyes C.O.C. School Board, and potential enrolling parents, as to where the underlying curriculum is really headed! This is a dangerous marketing ploy that sounds good on the surface but flaunts in the face of the taxpayer and local teachers and our future leaders. It will eventually fail, like “new math” of the 1960’s. It seems that every dictator, from Germany , the Soviet Union to ancient Rome recognized that to change government, it only takes one generation of education. Lincoln said “The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next…” Cottonwood parents, is an “International Programme” truly desired?

Joseph de Maistre, a French Revolution philosopher and politician, said: “you will get the government you deserve” because of the values that are believed and allowed to be taught by its teachers...or foreigners. To quote Senator Margaret Davis, of Utah , decrying the IB Programme, “I don’t want to create “world citizens” nearly as much as I want to help cultivate American Citizens…” A grand orator once said: “He alone who owns the youth, gains the future,” as well as “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.” (Adolf Hitler).

Think hard about a mitotic educational infection that avoids, neglects, even rejects the soundness of the Founding Fathers and the written Constitution, wherein those Founders sacrificed their “lives, fortunes, and sacred honor” for the greatest country the world models after, and will ever know...America.

Angela White

Camp Verde

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