Fri, April 03

Letter: Donald, show us what you find out; one way or the other


Indecision on who to support in the 2012 GOP Presidential bid has started into full swing already, at least six months early. Of course, this is not surprising since the ‘Media” is doing ‘handstands and back-flips’ mostly doing what they can especially in the case of the ‘Mainstream,’ to try to discredit anyone that will dare to challenge their ‘Manipulator-in-Chief’ that they have worked so hard to support, exaggerate and cover-up for; they want all potential opponents neatly categorized so they know what will be the most effective against them. Then into the fray comes an individual that has always been difficult to ‘pigeonhole’ Donald Trump; and he throws an enormous ‘Fastball’ right down the middle that makes even the “Conservative Talking heads” shy away from him and it causes outrage and a ‘Media wide’ uproar it is: Obama’s Birth Certificate (OBC).

The questions surrounding ‘OBC’ are many and none satisfactorily answered. My questions are not as much about the ‘Certificate itself’ as much as the vast network and expense of keeping all the records about Obama “Secret.” It amazed me that when an ordinary cow that was several years old was discovered to have “Mad Cow Disease” somewhere I think it was Montana, they were able, within about two days to trace her back to her birthplace in England, her import into Canada, and on through to where it was discovered she had any problem. She was not a “Registered” or “Show” animal so there were no special records kept her. Still the “Ordinary Citizens of the United States” are not allowed to see any valid records of our own President concerning his physical birth, education or his foreign travel, because he (President Obama) has had all these “Sealed” and has spent millions of dollars (some from mysterious donors) to keep them from being seen; and anyone that questions them is branded as an “Extremist, Kook, Racist or whatever can be thrown” to demagogue those who dare to question.

Personally I do not know what to believe, because I don’t know and neither do you; unless you have some insider information that is not available to the public. The “Hawaiian Certificate of Birth” does not validate the date, location, and time of physical Birth. The College Records would show where he claimed he was born at that time, which I have heard he attended at least “Occidental” as “Barry Soreto under a “Fulbright Scholarship”, which was only available to “Foreign Students”. Why all the Mystery? Why is so much money spent to keep his secrets?

Even Fox News Commentators are ridiculing Donald Trump, who appears to be investigating this. I heard Mike Huckabee say that he would be afraid Trump would ask for his “Birth Certificate.” I like Huckabee as an individual, but every time I get to the point of maybe supporting him again for President he makes some stupid statement like this and I cringe and feel like yelling at him something like; “Hey Stupid, it does not matter about your Birth, you aren’t spending millions of dollars keeping your Birth, Education and Travel SECRET.” Go Donald, please do investigate, honestly investigate, and show us what you find out; one way or the other.

Because of his past support for “Liberals,” and “Obama in Particular” I have serious doubts about “Donald Trump for President” but, if he does like he has been advertising, he will look a lot better.

Dale Gohr


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