Tue, July 16

Never a dull moment at OCC

One of the truly great things about membership in OCC is the great variety of groups that play on our course. This column attempts to list all of them, including their Presidents, Chairpersons, Coordinators, Contacts, Kahunas. etc. Most of these groups are always looking for new members and/or substitutes, so to check with the pro shop.

• MONDAY: T- Busters: A group that was organized by former member R.G. Wycoff, who returns once a year to compete with the over 55 gang. Players with handicaps between 14 and 24 play in a two team challenge game each week, usually from the Blue Tees, but occasionally from the Whites. Boss is Don Sprenkel

• TUESDAY: OCC Ladies: Chair: Carol Meiner; This group meets every Tuesday morning, for much fun, which brings real class to the Club. It also has an invitational in May, along with other events throughout the year, including the season long interclub play.

• The NAUGHTY NINERS play the Second and fourth Tuesday of every month, led by Paula Hicks. Their routine is a 1⁄2 hour golf clinic, followed by 9 holes of golf (where "rules" are virtually non-existent) and a social hour to follow. Cost is $30.

• TUESDAY GAME; Host Bob Wier. Has been going for 12 to 14 years, and involves a team game for players with handicaps under 22, and the ability to "lie", etc. $10 entry fee, and players are matched by A and B, with no two playing together in consecutive weeks.

• WEDNESDAY: OCC Men's Club: Joe Jansen, tournament chairman; Has ABCD format, a $5 cost, with a prize pool. Includes a variety of games from week to week, with teams randomly selected, which makes it a great way to meet all of our members

• LAWLER GAME: which is actually run by Rod Zaun.16 to 32 players get together for a shotgun. Individuals pay a $30 entry fee, and are split into four man teams with One Gross, two nets format. Also includes awards for closest to pin on all par 4's.

Next month's issue will highlight Thursday, Friday, and Saturday games.....