Thu, Jan. 23

Seven shots

Going fishing

Going fishing

Is what I took today and it coincides with the number of shots I took today that were deleted ¡K so it was back to a previous shoot at the ponds last week and one of a Blue Heron that I had overlooked before. There is something so marvelous about watching one of these large and beautiful birds in flight. They spook pretty easily so it is tough to get close to them. Thank you Olympus for the great glass you make!

Spent most of the day finishing up work on some photos; I have more than 1700 photos reformatted now and that project is completed (started it last October) and now the selection process to narrow them to the best 1000 to put on a DVD/CD for use as screensavers or whatever. I also got the website completely redesigned today and just have to select all new photos for the galleries and will have the new website uploaded sometime tomorrow. A lot of similarities to the present site, but a little nicer I think.

Also working on selection of photos which will soon be on display and for sale in Gallery of Modern Masters, located in the Hillside complex in Sedona, AZ. Their website is and you will find some truly beautiful and amazing things there. Arizona Highways will be publishing the first of my photos in their magazine in July and if you have never had the good fortune to take a look at their magazine you can take a look at what they do at: and while you¡¦re there take the time to subscribe to the magazine if you do not already do so. It has long been one of my favorite magazines and the photographs in it are excellent.

Corky and I went for a long walk this afternoon and we both spent some time out on the deck with Q who was back to earth with us today.

Tuesday is now a work in progress ¡K do what you can to make it a wonderful day for everyone you come in contact with and I¡¦ll be doing the same; makes the evening following the day so much nicer¡Kfor everyone º



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