Thu, July 18

Letter: Just a few questions


In all the things that are going on in the world today; I know any leader or any ideology will face opposition and that is as it should be.

I know that even in some of the subjects I have strong opinions about, I certainly do not have all the answers in any of them.

However, I think I am somewhat ahead of the people that don’t even have any questions; because in order to find answers in my opinion it is helpful to first identify the question. So I want to ask a few questions:

• Where does the Electricity come from to power “Electric Cars”? Isn’t it mostly from our “Environmentally Unfriendly Power Plants” or “Evil Internal-Combustion Engines”?

• How can we increase ‘Taxes’ on the people that create jobs and expect them to increase production or risk building new businesses? Why do we want to punish achievement and reward laxness?

• How can we be right to be involved in the regime overthrow of Egypt, Libya, etc; supposedly for humanitarian purposes and ignore Iran, Syria, Ethiopia, and the activities of the Hamas, and Hezbollah, etc?

• Why can our US Justice Department get away with “Racism” in selecting which cases it will prosecute? Isn’t “Racism” still Racism no matter what race is given “Preferential Treatment”? Why does our “Justice Department” bring Lawsuits against a State, a legally elected Sheriff and a school and stand without any action against solid cases of “Voter Fraud” and “Voter Intimidation”?

• Why are we involved in Egypt and Libya in any way since the Libyan Government has not done much of anything against us since the 1980’s and Egypt hasn’t done anything significant against us that I can remember? Do we simply want to destroy anyone that has helped protect Israel against the Shiite Muslim sect? Or have we begun “Micromanaging Selected Human Rights Issues” that are really none of our business? Why are we backing the “Rebels in Libya” that could very easily be worse than the present government?

• How can it be acceptable and even preferred for “Our Nation” to do the same things we criticized so harshly under our former President?

• Why do so few people understand that it is the “House of Representatives” that is the most responsible entity for government spending?

• How can we cut costs without cutting spending?

• How can we expect the government to ‘reduce spending’ when we keep electing and re-electing politicians that look at our “Nation Economy” as their own “Inexhaustible Piggy Bank” that they can use to buy votes?

• How can we expect Companies to stay in business, here, and pay exorbitant prices (wages and life-long benefits) and taxes and produce low cost goods and services?

• How can our “National Labor Relations Board” (NLRB) bring charges against or even get involved against a company for deciding to move part of its operation to a “Right to Work State”?

• Who is John Galt?

Dale Gohr