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Earth Cups: Gardens for Humanity event Aug. 13

Maleita Wise paints a cup for the coffee/tea social to benefit Gardens for Humanity.

Maleita Wise paints a cup for the coffee/tea social to benefit Gardens for Humanity.

Gardens for Humanity has partnered with a variety of Sedona artists to create "Earth Cups: Celebrating Art in the Earth" to benefit gardening and art education projects in local schools. This event will be held on Saturday, Aug. 13, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Sedona Arts Center, in the Special Exhibition Gallery and adjacent workshop studio.

Discover, enjoy and purchase a unique variety of cups, mugs and saucers created, painted and signed by the artists. These art works will be sold for $10 and up, and the funds raised will help provide seed money to establish and develop school garden and art programs.

The "Earth Cups" event is a morning Coffee/Tea Social and these one-of-a kind cups will be all washed and ready to be filled with herbal teas, and special coffees, to be enjoyed with locally grown or made treats, jams and honeys. Sedona poet Christopher Lane and some of the Young Poets Be Heard from Red Rock High School will perform their poetry. Gardens for Humanity artisan and cook's aprons will be available, and artwork by Sharron Porter, Toby Friedman and Janise Witt will be exhibited.  

The hand-crafted and hand painted cups come in all different shapes and sizes from large coffee mugs, to small demitasse cups; some with handles, some without. They were painted with glazes and fired so they are not only colorful and fanciful, but also functional additions to one's cup collection.

Some cups, like Firuse Stalcup's creations, are three-footed. Other cups, like Andrea Smith's and Judy Taylor's, are highly sculpted with an angelic theme. Then of course there are Patty Miller's contemporary cups, where "anything goes."  Some of the hand painted cups are designed with a garden theme and flowers such as those done by Adele Seronde, Julie Talbot, and Dorée Seronde, whereas Sharon Porter, Dee Durkee and David Fischel choose more contemporary designs typical of their inimitable styles. Ceramicist Dennis Ott created hand thrown cup sets for those who would prefer more standard works, and some of these cups were taken by artist Sealdon Wasson up to NAU to wood burn the glazes, which give gorgeous effects.

Artists involved in Earth Cups are Sharron Porter, Nancy Robb Dunst, Maleita Wise, Tori Du Charm, Nancy Ruby, Dee Durkee, Firuse Stalcup, Andrea Smith, Judy Taylor, Patty Miller, Adele and Doree Seronde, Julie Talbot, David Fischel, Dennis Ott, Sunday Larson, Marsha Amon, Katy Love, Dawn Griffin, Barbara Vickers,  Ed Quarestrom, Viveka Davis, Suzie Dunn, Don Kamerling, Cathy Gazda, Liz Kenyon, Amy Gordon, Diane Nadeau, Kim Cousin, and Anne Crossland, Fran Jackson, and Laura Pokorney.  Red Rock High School Students created some cups through Geoffrey Worssam's art class, and other cups were created at the Sun Rise Center under the artistic eye of Patty Miller.

The creation of this event was truly a gift from many in Sedona's artistic community. Special thanks to the Sedona Arts Center and Dennis Ott for providing the ceramics studio every week throughout the spring, and to the artists of the Sedona Visual Arts Coalition for their creative talents and energy.

Gardens for Humanity is a non-profit organization. They are actively engaged in promoting school gardens and the arts to help give our children and all members of our community the values, tools and experiences needed for appreciating and regaining balance with the natural world. Gardens for Humanity was founded by Adele Seronde, and is presently directed by President Richard Sidy.

For more information contact Richard Sidy at, 284-9055 or Nancy Robb Dunst at, 282-0776.

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