Thu, Nov. 14

Letter: It’s a jobs problem, not a spending problem


Jim Barber and I could go on for weeks with “dueling pens,” but there are other folks who want to write about their favorite subject, so this will be my last post on the debt-ceiling debacle.

If you read my letter and Mr. Barber’s reply, you see two very different approaches to a couple of the problems facing our Country right now. I believe the American worker has a right to form or join a union without governmental interference. Mr. Barber mocked union families when he said union jobs are not real jobs (“Jobs? UNION jobs!” - his words. By the way Jim, all caps is considered shouting - no need to raise your voice.)

He also dismissed my reference to the conclusion reached by the conservative American Enterprise Institute (hardly a bastion of liberalism) that a balanced budget amendment would restrict the government from instituting countercyclical measures when necessary. The current cycle is a loss of jobs, people not spending, and world markets in crisis.

If we look at our economic problems as a spending problem we will keep cutting more and more, deepening the crisis by putting more people out of work. We must counter this current cycle. If you shift your focus and see this not as a spending problem but as a jobs problem then opportunities arise.

Look at the facts. We have machinery sitting idle. We have workers sitting idle. The government is able right now to borrow money at interest rates not seen since Dwight Eisenhower’s administration. We have our infrastructure badly needing repair.

Let’s create a jobs program and put hundreds of thousands of Americans back to work. That will solve our economic crisis. People will have money, will be able to buy goods and services, and even save a little. Let’s put America back on the right track with jobs, not with policies that deepen the current crisis.

Bob Burke

Beaver Creek

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