Sat, Aug. 24

a thousand words

... is what a photograph is supposed to replace. Mercifully I will not use a thousand words to tell you about the shot I missed today. I had just got Corky set up on the deck, Q was resting below the bench where I normally sit and I had gone in to get my coffee and a camera. Corky called for to come quick and I did, but too late. A bobcat had brought his lunch of fresh killed squirrel to eat by the deck and about two feet from Q and ten feet from Cork. Oh well, missed it by seconds as the bobcat took off with his lunch when Corky called out to me, Q wisely fled to his hidey hole in the house and I headed across the tee box and along the arroyo hoping to get a glimpse of our feline friend enjoying his meal. No luck, no photo.

Later we made another corn run to Hauser & Hauser farms in Camp Verde via Bubbling Ponds and Page Springs. It was a good session and although I didn't really have long glass on the body (280mm) I did get some good shots of the Osprey hunting over the ponds. His first two dives into the ponds were misses, but the third time he came up with a nice fish which he is flying off with in the first photo. He was more than two hundred yards away so I was pleased to get at least this good a shot. The second shot is a muskrat swimming in one of the ponds with the rain clouds giving the water a leaden appearance; I like the texture and patterns in the water and the little guy is off on whatever mission he needs to be on.

Corky and I feasted on fresh picked corn this weekend and enjoyed the days and company of friends. Monday is in progress and Costa Rican coffee is waiting to be brewed at 5:50. Looking good for at least four and a half hours tonight :-) Some work, perhaps some flying and whatever else is out there waiting to be experienced. Mostly good methinks!

Enjoy the day and all who share it with you.




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