Fri, Dec. 06

This week at Grace Lutheran

Grace Community Lutheran Church, 5100 Stevenson, Rimrock, meets for Sunday Service at 10:30 a.m.

There have been many times in my life, I desperately needed God. Sometimes I felt He was there and sometimes I didn’t. If we hold to the truth of the bible, that God is always there (see the last verses in Matthew), not feeling God is with us is something within ourselves. I think this is easy enough to recognize if we look at our relationship with God and compare it to our human relationships.

In our human relationships, especially our closer relationships, we are almost always aware how things are going. If someone has done something good for you, it follows you all day. If someone has done something to irritate us, it follows us even longer.

But it seems that with God, all too often the relationship is relegated to Sunday morning or times of need. If we engaged our family or friends in this way, we would probably have similar feelings about the unreliable nature of the relationship. How can we expect God to carry out His part of our relationship when we don’t carry out ours very well.

One of the more important things to remember about God is, even when we are distant from Him, He is fulfilling His part of things in the steady loving way God always has. The forgiveness given us through His Son is always there. The peace in times of trouble is always there, if we have faith in His promises. And He is always there to hear our prayers even when those prayers are too often about us. Here is a thought, add some time in your prayer life to thank and relate to God in a way that is not focused on you.

I believe having this kind of relationship with God will help us in times of need when things are hard. My hope and prayer for you is that your relationship with God will grow and blossom by spending quality time with Him.

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