Tue, Oct. 22

Cottonwood police acquire surplus military Humvees

COTTONWOOD -- Cottonwood Police recently acquired three 2009 military surplus HMMWV (Humvee) vehicles. The military Defense Reutilization and Marketing Offices Program grants excess equipment to municipalities and law enforcement agencies around the country.

Cottonwood Police was able to acquire these vehicles free of charge. The vehicles amounted to approximately $126,000 worth of equipment to be used for the city's benefit. They are nearly new. The highest mileage is 950 miles.

Two of the vehicles will be primarily used to supplement the Verde Valley Regional S.W.A.T. team. The third vehicle may be used search and rescue missions and similar needs.

The vehicles are distributed to law enforcement and public service agencies since they contain light armor and cannot be released to the general public. If otherwise unclaimed, the vehicles would be sent out for dismantle and destruction.

The acquisition involves preparing the paperwork, staying in program compliance and being vigilant about the items available for reconstitution.

In the past, the police department has received other safety items through the program including flak jackets, Kevlar helmets and ballistic panels.

"The SWAT team has received several grant-in-aid awards in the past to help offset its operating and equipment expenses and this is in line with that philosophy," said S.W.A.T. Team Leader, Sergeant Cody Savage. "We are always looking for cost-saving measures and we were fortunate to be involved in this program at the right time."

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